expresscart is a local delivery platform by Zatiq Inc.

We allow users to shop for products from various local businesses in their area and get it delivered.

We offer products from local stores through a user-friendly platform, tailored to the familiarity of modern-day technology and offering the convenience of delivery and accessibility for users who are pressed for time.

Our app offers an online storefront for local store-owners. These products can be found based on the search requirements that a customer is interested in. We recognize that the products we need are already available within our local communities, and challenge the demand for long-distance ordering by offering fast and affordable delivery from your local retailers. Overall, we aim to engage local communities, provide partnership opportunities, and to create a unique community of support around our brand. We will continue to revamp our strategies to meet the needs of specific local communities, knowing that the needs of communities differ between each geographical region.

We are on a mission to help local businesses, stay in business by bridging the technology and logistics gap.